What North Korea Wants & What U.S. must do

Kim Jong Un is NOT a complete crazy man.

Recently Kim Jong Un is a world famous person with his posession of nuclear bomb and ICBM(Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile).

He was born in 1984(33 years old) and is not so educated but he has worked so hard and aggresively for his father(Kim Jong-Il)’s and his grandfather(Kim Il-Song)’s dream from 2011.

It is difficult to understand North Korea if someone does NOT know its history and how it appeared in world history. And clearly Donald J Trump does not know them at all.

North Korea is a child of Soviet Union(Russia) and U.S.A ~ WWII to Korean War

North Korea Map and Eastern Asia
North Korea Map and Eastern Asia

Koreans have over 2400 years history as countries. They were strong but were occupied by China and Japan several times.

In 1945, almost ending of WWII, Soviet Union invaded northan part of Korean Peninsula (and northan part of China) while whole Korean people was trying to get independence from Japan. Harry S. Truman definitely wanted to prevent Soviet Unioin occuping whole Korean penisula by itself, then proposed temporary divide and conquer of Korean peninsula by 38th parallel north.

North Korea declared their own government establishment in September 9,1948. South Korea also declared their own government establishment in August 15,1948. Both government have insisted whole Korean peninsula as their territories. (People’s Republic of China, PRC was born October 1,1949)

June 25,1950 North Korea invade South Korea with Soviet’s weapons. Kim Il-Song had already made sure Soviet and China to help him. North Korea quickly occupied until almost South end of peninsula but then U.S. military started intense counterattack.

Eventually Soviet did not directly step in the Korean War, but China stepped in with over one million soldiers. Douglas MacArthur wanted to direct attack to mainland China, but Truman did not agree with that. Finally POTUS fired Supreme Commander of GHQ on April 11,1951.

Soviet Anbassad proposed an armistice on June 23, 1951. Negotiation was difficult. In 1953, Stalin died and Dwight David Eisenhower took office. Korean Armistice Agreement was signed July 27,1953. But it has NOT been followed by a peace treaty.


Diplomatic Recognition

After Soviet Union’s collapt in December 1991, South Korean government recognized all then-Soviet-Union-republics as Sovereign states (Soviet Union has already sent anbassader to South Korea). Sounth Korea and Russia agreed their basic realtionship treaty in 1992.

Between South Korean and China, they signed Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty in September 10 ,1961

And U.S.A has not recognize North Korea as a Sovereign state untill now (like Palestine).

What North Korea Wants

What North Korea Wants
What North Korea Wants

North Korea has required U.S. to stop seeing them as “enemy country” and “State Sponsors of Terrorism” for years. But it’s technically wrong. Because they are NOT even a country or state for U.S.

It’s clear that they need to be recognized as a Sovereign state by America and then want to sign a Peace Treaty between U.S. and North Korea. Nuclear Bomb and ICBM are tool for winning them. These are what Kim Jong Un and his father have fought for. That’s the reason why they hate Six-party talks about North Korean nuclear weapons program(2003-2007). Any progress in that kind multi-states meetings does not help their winning Diplomatic Recognition from U.S.. And same time that’s the reason why U.S. has denied direct negotiation with North Korea for decades.

Donald Trump’s Slip of the tongue

But 45th President of the United States seems NOT to know about everything above. He spoke out “[he is] open to meet with Kim Jong Un” (2017/05/01 Bloomberg Interview). Ironically it showed a clear goal to Kim Jong Un and boosted their military’s moral extremely . He accelerated missile test. Their missile test was 10times between 2011-2016, but it’s already 12 times in 2017 (untill end of July).


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